Monday, 14 September 2015

Days to Remember

Last weekend was amazing. On usual days, you'll seldom see me blog about life simply because there's nothing worth mentioning nor remembering. However, in recent days, I've found that God has been gracious and has blessed me with new life experiences but... I digress. So back to what went down the past weekend. Allow me to break it up in stages:

Prior to the weekend, it is a requirement for you to know that I had booked in on the previous Saturday night and was busied with work all the way up until I actually booked out. So believe me when I say that I was dead tired and on the brink of just blacking out. Late nights doing up paper work and non-stop duties, I honestly have no idea how I managed to get through that without crumpling up into a ball of paper and throwing myself down a rubbish chute.

But... that's not the point. See, on Thursday night, when I booked out (as the last person in the company might I add), I took a cab down to meet Krys, Boon, Bev, Luke and Sherry over at OC's 49Seats. A bit of drama here and there but all was good cause I finally got to see Krys after a really exhausting week. Food was great (and I was famished), so having devoured my lovely fish platter that was complimented with some sort of fancy EXPENSIVE sauce (that really was just clam chowder LOL) we finally decided, after a million years, to head on down to Thomson area for Waffles from Udders.

The rest of the night was just spent talking about army and catching up with one another. I'm glad that I got the chance to meet this bunch of friends thanks to Krys. They're a real fun bunch. (:

So with my pay just in, I legit felt like the richest guy in Singapore. Krys and I went out in attempt to search for the ideal dress for her birthday party but alas to no avail. I, on the other hand, ended getting heaps of clothes cause so many things were no sale. (': In my defence, I was also looking for something to get so that I'd look neat during Krys' birthday *nods*.

Originally, the plan for the day was to first head over to Dhoby area so that I could purchase a table mic stand for Shawn. Apparently, the stand that he lent to me broke while it was in my possession so it would have been a total dick move to have had just returned it back to him in its pathetic state. As valiant as I wanted to be, even the fiercest of shopping knights cannot fight the evil of public holidays and as such every damn music store was closed. We then bailed from Peace Centre and headed back to Cathay. My first purchase of the day was a spanking new white shirt from Adidas that was going only for 30 odd. Yay! Just what I needed! Another white shirt. (((':

We then walked our way to Orchard under the heat because Krys was surprisingly hardworking that day (pls dont kill me beb). We then went through Zara, TopMan, Uniqlo etc but she didn't really see anything else other than a... white shirt. (':

I am definitely in no position to comment about her purchase, of course.

Went over to TopMan and TopShop where I got myself a nice grey work pants at 13 bucks, a black shit for 30 and another smexy white shirt for 9. Good buys but still nothing for m'lady. Even A&F didn't have anything good. It's like the whole Orchard was out of nice dresses forcing even Nicki Minaj to ask her home girl, Miley.

Jokes aside, I had to rush off for dinner at home to celebrate my parent's anniversary that so happens to fall on the same date as Krys' birthday. I just found out that my parent's married real young. Dad was 23 and Mom, 21. How even? I'm turning 21 and I still don't know how to operate the washing machine let alone get ready to raise a family. (': But I love my parents and I hope they're proud me every time they talk about me or think about me.

OH LOL before I got home, I managed to get a nice blue stripped shirt that I remember Krys saying looked good and also got a navy blue shorts to wear for her party. Her theme was "Stars" and the colour theme was supposed to a dark sort of blue to represent he night sky.

After dinner, I packed my stuff and got ready to meet Krys again to help her with her cards. You know how people go to parties to give gifts to the birthday girl? Yea Krys actually returns the favour and wrote a hand written note for everyone who was going. Sigh <3

So! Being the peasant to her royalty, I tagged along with her and we ventured to our favourite hangout - Starbucks. We made our little home at the outlet in Novena and huddled in for the night filled with card making. So while Krys busies herself with the more artistic side of the card making, I do my best to assist her in the things of my level of artistic handicraft capability like cutting and sticking stuff together. The struggle... was so real. Though it was a great time for to really to see Krys pouring her heart out for the people she loved as she made each card with tender loving care. It's times like these that I remember why I was so attracted to her in the first place.

So as the clock got closer to 12, Krys was almost close to ded from the fatigue. So at 11:56pm, I decided to head down to get her an oreo cheese cake with self made candles (cause I was feeling so artistic that night right?) which was basically a straw cut into two long ones and one short to represent her turning 21.

So at 12, I surprised her royalty with the small cake and self improvised candles, and got the chance to be the first person to wish her. (: Heehee.

Once it hit 1, we were asked by the crew at Starbucks to vacate the second level so we then made out second little home at the tables outside of the air conditioned area. While she worked at her cards, I took out my guitar and sang for her. We then ended the night once it was around 2.30am and both of us were basically ready to knock out any time.

Got home, talked to one another and finally slept. Fast forward to when we awoke.

I started my day

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