Saturday, 9 February 2013

10 Signs That Indicate To You, She’s The One.

1.    You don't have try to be someone else in order to catch her eye before she falls in love you. She loves you the way you are and to her, your imperfections make you who you. She doesn't need/want you to change because to her, you’re perfect.

2.    She understands that the love between the two of you is not in relation to how close you are when you're out with her, or the number of times you meet up with her in a given week. It's about the care and concern you give to her in private and she understands that your love can be shown to her in different ways. That being said, you obviously have to be the kind of guy who obviously puts her as first and not your other lame excuses.

3.    When she has a problem with you, she talks to you about it and doesn't hide it from you. She has your best intentions at heart and she wants to help in your journey to become a better person even if it means putting her heart on the line for you to beat at when you get angry after hearing it from her mouth.

4.    She trusts that even when you're not by her side, you're not cheating on her with another girl. She accepts the fact that sometimes you can be a bit busy with other commitments but she trusts that you still love and think about her even when you’re not there beside her. Don't break that trust.

5.    Forgiveness comes naturally. Even if it's your fault, she loves you enough to forgive you even when you don't deserve that grace. Of course, guys ought to know when they’re in the wrong and make sure he makes it up to the girls cause ladies have their pride too.

6.    She sees no qualms in taking the initiative. There is no "you should text me first" rule or "ask me out or i'm not going anywhere” rule. She believes that showing love is not exclusively a guys job.

7.    She goes the extra mile for you so that you are reminded that she loves you. She does little things that hold special meaning to the two of you so as to reassure you that she thinks about you. For instance, a short note to brighten your day or a lunchbox with your favourite snack.

8.    While she puts you before herself, she also still sees the need to take care of herself. She understands that her welfare is in direct relation to your welfare because you are a part of her just as much as she is a part of you.

9.    She looks forward to time spent with you. As long as you're with her, she's contented. She doesn't need anything more than that and doesn’t demand money or riches or to be pampered. The only thing she expects is for you to remind her how she’s yours and why she had chosen you.

10. Finally, she can only be the ONE if YOU can prove to her that you are a trustworthy man. A woman does not need an indecisive man in her life. She does not need a man who cannot make the decision as to whether he can be committed to her. She absolutely DOES NOT need a passerby in her life nor does she want to be a subject of your "cheap company". She can only be the one if you can promise that she is and will always stay the one and ONLY one. Just like how you don't want to led on, neither does she.

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