Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Sharp Knife of a Short Life

Today I received news through my Twitter feed that the world has yet again lost two young souls to a tragic car accident. When I saw the picture of the accident, my heart died a little on the inside because these two young boys were innocent lives. This incident reminded me of how fragile life is and how it simply dangles on a thin thread that threatens to break anytime... especially when we least expect it to happen.

What would you do if you knew that you were to die today?

I know the thought is one that is cliche and one that we constantly brush off our shoulders because we constantly reassure ourselves how slim the chances of dying might be. However, I couldn't help but have this nagging thought of how "that could have been me" constantly tugging at the back of mind.

How would I have lived my life differently today?

Would I be able to, in that last few seconds of my life, be able to look back and say that I have done it all. Would I leave this world with regrets and incomplete apologies?

It's an important reminder for us to wake up everyday understanding how death could come knocking at our door at any moment in time. With that in mind, would we then live our lives like bums? Would we take time for granted and waste our energy on things that might not really add to our jar of 'fulfilled dreams'?

This reminder of death should not drive us to paranoia. Instead, it should remind us that while we still have time left on this earth, we should seize it and use it to accomplish and discover the many more things that life has to offer. We should live like it's our last day on earth because maybe then we will learn to love each other more, treasure the littlest of things in life a bit more and perhaps smile a little more as well.

At the end of the day, when God decides to take me away from this world, I pray that I will be able to look back and smile, saying that I have tried my best to live the life He has set out for me. I know things have been looking grey for me recently but I hope He'll be evident to me once again and that He'll be merciful to me and all those around me by showing us a way out of this messed up world.

Life might have been really bad lately but I will cling furiously on to my faith because I know that without my faith, I would not be who I am today and where I am today.

So after thinking to myself, what if I were to really die today?

Well... I wish I would have lived my life for my faith, a little more fervently.

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