Monday, 3 December 2012

Danzation2012: For The Rest Of My Life

First: To all the lockers! NRA x LCL

We did it guys! (': I know it's only been a day but I already miss lockin' with every single one of you - NRA and LCL.

When I first got posted to dance in the lockin' items for Danzation, I was pretty disappointed because I really wanted to get into the poppin' items. But who knew that this 'disappointment' was actually a blessing in disguise! It was through this 'disappointment' that led me to realise maybe Lockin' could be a possible dance genre that I want to disciple myself in to kick off my dancing life here in Singapore. (:

This realisation that I have is really thanks to every single locker/dancer that performed alongside with me on that stage. It helped me see how fun lockin' really is and how wonderful it can be to share a common purpose with others.

As a fresh new dancer that only started this year, I am truly lucky to have this opportunity to have met all of you. The people who have persevered alongside with me, who has watched me grow as well as helped me along the way. Thank you so much because without you, I would not have benefited as much from this Danzation journey.

Danzation is over but the passion for dance/lockin' never dies. - Locking is for life. Funk or die. ♥


Now having thanked the Lockers, I wanted to save the best for last - Freshies.

Where do I begin... Well my dear friends, thank you so much for everything. For reminding me every single time I see each and everyone of you why I try so hard to become a better dancer, why I choose to work so hard despite all the pressure I face around me in life.

Today, as I rewatched my Danzation audition, amidst the stupid and ugly moves, I realised the most disgusting thing about my routine was the fact that every single thing I did on stage was to glorify myself.

Freshie item started out almost the same. It was about me being the better dancer than everyone else and being noticed for how good I was/thought I was. It was only when I realised how DANCE wasn't just about me, it wasn't about how good Zeph can dance nor how powerful his expressions look, because the crowd doesn't give a shit about who Zeph is. They only care about one thing, and that is how well Zeph can dance ALONGSIDE WITH THE OTHER FRESHIES. (':

I'm glad I realised this early because the moment I realised how selfish I have been to every single one of you, I started to grow as a dancer. I apologise if I have in any way caused you hurt, ever made you feel small, pissed you off because I now see how wrong I was. 

It's not about me, it has never been. It has always been about us and that's FAMILY.

Thank you for this journey of learning. Making me a better dancer; loving me; watching over me; teaching me. It has been a great journey to learn with every single one of you and the even more amazing thing is that this is but the start of our journey together.

I'm so happy to have been able to dance alongside with each and every one of you and I can tell you that all the blood and sweat that we have shed for this item WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT. Because at the end of the day, we KILLED the performance and we SHOWED the audience the meaning of UNITY, in it's very essence.

And so let me end this thank you/apology/reflection with a very simple and overused term of expression (that I mean with all my heart) - I love you, with all my heart and all my soul.

I would also like to thank the choreographers who have painstakingly took time off just to just to help us and watch us clean up our extremely messy steps. Without you, our item would have been totally CMI and we would be a joke on stage so thank you Alex,  XiangTian, BaoWen and Desiree for being great dance teachers who always have their student's best intentions at heart.

Oh and our first Principal choreographer, Ann Tan, for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. When you highlighted me for my hard work during the first vetting, it really made me feel that all that I have done and worked so hard for has been worthwhile. I'm truly grateful to you for being the catalyst in making me an even better dancer.

Last but not least (I feel like i'm doing the emcee script again haha), I want to thank every single dancer that I have met throughout the Danzation journey, for humbling me and for setting me on the right track for dance. Danzation is only a very slight glimpse of what the local dance industry has to offer but if we do come together, hearts and mind as one and work with each other, we will be definitely be able to one day bring our little island of Singapore into the international scene. 

As for us NRA side, just know that if we can make BaoWen cry or make a face like this, we can do anything so "Don't Second Guess Yourself".

The next time if we ever do get together for choreos/lessons/competitions make sure you full out like Alex: 

And so the day we've waited/dreaded for has arrived at our door. 

IT'S OVER GUYS! We did it <3 (': 

I love every single one of you!
Thanks for being the best early birthday gift a dancer could ever ask for!

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