Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Too tired to fall in love again.

It's one of those post whereby it's just me talking about how you don't need romance in life to make things work out but honestly, who am I kidding? Really... 

Truth is , I love to be in love or to have some sort of connection with a particular human being but I guess i'm just one of those guys that will never come off to a girl as "Boyfriend" material. Love just loves to shy away from me.

I'm always the girl's good friend, the sort of guy that all my girl friends want their boyfriends to be like but it's funny cause i'm standing right in front of them. I'm tired of chasing after my crush and it's not because I don't love her but it just comes to me that eventually we're gonna get close and all of a sudden, a random guy walks in and she'll be gone. I wouldn't call it a waste of time when that actually happens but the feeling of being pushed aside and brought back to square one sucks. Worst still if you're being used as the bridge between your crush and the person on the other side.

"You're gonna find someone amazing in the future!", "The girl who gets you is going to be so so lucky!" and all that jazz. If I was really everything that you made me out to be, wouldn't you be the first to go head over heels for me?

Till I am able to find out the problem with me. 
I'm probably gonna remain single forever.


  1. It's ironic how I have to come off as anon, but anyways.

    "If I was really everything that you made me out to be, wouldn't you be the first to go head over heels for me?"

    Thank you for saying that. I know how you feel. But this is me saying, you will find her some day Irwin, or maybe not so much of you finding her, but she will realise it one day.


    1. It's cool. I'm pretty much okay being single. It's just the thought of being together or having someone to be physcially there and constantly reminding you that you are loved that seems pretty enthralling. I guess we all go through that phase so likewise I do to.

      Thanks for your comment, though i'm pretty sure I know who you are. (: