Thursday, 15 November 2012

"Around The World in 120" - An Original Song

“Around The World in 120” is a song that I recently composed for NgeeAnn's 2013 Musical audition. The musical’s title/theme is “The World in 120” where we had to interpret the meaning of the title/them (120 refers to 120mins = 2hours) and then decide on a song to cover/perform in front of the panel of judges. I couldn’t think of any song so I got hit with a totally abstract and random idea to write about and soon the words just fell in place nicely. 
So the concept of this song is actually looking from the point of view of a guy who wants to travel the entire world in just 2 hours. The whole idea is that such a dream is impossible but he’ll keep trying to simply prove one point, he’s “not a weak man”.
The guy in this song reflects a person who has been bullied as well as gone through the worst of hardships in his life but he has decided to make a stand and wants to set this crazy dream for himself in hope that perhaps people will start to respect him for who he actually is on the inside. 
Enjoy. (:


What if I told you that i’d climb the highest mountains in the world
What if I told you that i’d swim across the oceans all under two hours
You would laugh and point your fingers
Dashing my hopes and my dreams now, wouldn’t you?
But what if I came back, reigned a hero
Would you now recognize me for who I am (For who i am)

Since the day that I first started this journey of impossibility
Everyone just laughed at me
But I geared on, persevered on with my head and mind towards my goals and dreams
No one can touch me
And i’m fighting this losing battle just to prove my worth to you
and all your friends
And if I fail, I promise you that i’ll get back up and try again

Cause I know that I am weak
And I know that i’m so small
But that don’t mean that I can’t go up and carry on
I’m tired of losing all my life
I need to pull myself back up
And i’ll prove that to the world in my own journey
Around the world in 120

As I feel my conscience sinking
And my eyes are slowly closing
I stop to ask myself
Why am I doing this for
And then I’ll burst out with all my strength
Towards the goal there’s no stopping me (no stopping me)


Renewed hope, a stronger spirit, along i’ll pace myself
For you to hear, I’m not a weak man
And in 2 hours i’ll climb the mountains and swim the oceans
No man has ever done before, has done before
And then you’ll look at me and you’ll see
The man you used to put down
Conquer the world in just a journey
Then you’ll say that you are sorry
And I’ll find my hope… in life again

And I know that I was weak
And I know that I felt small
But I learn to pull myself right up and I carry on
I’m so tired of losing all my life
I have pulled myself back up
And i’ve proved that to the world in my own journey
Around the world in 120

© Irwin Tan (Zeph) - "Around The World in 120"
Composed on 13.Nov.2012 (:

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