Sunday, 23 September 2012

Goodbye old. Hello new.

Give him a reason to strive and it won't work. Encourage him when he is down and your words shall fall upon deaf ears.

There was no reason to try when all this man had seen and felt and tasted in life was failure. Though success once gave him a peck on the cheek leaving him craving for more. Working hard with determination and passion burning in his eyes, he said he would go the distance only to realise his hard work was all in vain.

"I've never asked for anything more!", he shouted in his frustration. "All for acceptance, all for the sake of being better than who I am now." The crowd looked and scoffed, "Acceptance? What acceptance? Why should we give you the acceptance that you desire? No. We aren't here to give you what you want but to kick you to the ground. To make you stumble and fall... See? This is all that you are worth.. Now fade to dust."

No one understood him.. While he slogged day after day just to make sure that we wouldn't be trouble for his friends. Or at least that's what he thought they were friends...

In actuality, they didn't care. To them, he was but a speck of dirt across the face of the earth. Disgusting, loathsome, nothing. He was someone to kick around whenever they were feeling bored and the best part? He was a dependable man and he was also... disposable.

One by one, these 'friends' left him in the lurch.

The man who once believed he could move the world with his tiny hands, resigned to the fact that he was nothing but a nobody.

Time was ticking. The end, dawning.

"Maybe it's time to pack up and move on", he thought to himself in his own quiet little corner.

Knowing that another journey awaited him on the other side, he made a promise to himself.

"This time... This time, I'll travel this journey alone. I could do without the pain of losing those around me and the pain of being used. I could do without having to wait for the people who said that they would come but never showed. I could do without the tears and without the disappointment."

And with that, he took his first step.

Goodbye old. Hello new.

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