Thursday, 30 August 2012

The reason why we love sad music whenever we are overwhelmed with emotions.

"Music Is What Feelings Sound Like"

It's quite funny how we immerse ourselves in sad music whenever our emotions decide to pull on our heartstrings, when what we should really be listening to is happy music. We don't know why but we always feel "better" with depressing music tuned on. (It's true isn't it?) So I realised that the reason why our mind and our heart works this way lies in the fact that we receive a form of subtle comfort from these depressing music. How and why? Because at least someone understands the pain we are going through and the thoughts we are experiencing.

Music does this wonderfully. It encapsulates our thoughts into 3-4 minutes of lyrical genius and literally does the talking for us. We don't see the need of blurting out our secrets and pain to others because "Music" understands us perfectly. In fact it's easier for us to direct our friends to some of these songs whenever they ask you what's up and "how are you feeling?"

With that being said, is this the right thing to do? The whole listening to sad and depressing music to cover up for the hole in our heart that we're experiencing due to: friendships ending; breakups; parents misunderstandings; grades; death... and the list goes on... Is it right? 

My personal take on this is that it's fine to use music as a form of temporary escapade, but never should we allow ourselves to use it as a reason to keep running away from the issue. It's one thing to be understood by someone or something, and it's another to accept the reason for your emotional pain, pick up your bags, look up and move forward.

If music isn't helping you with this, then your sadness is all in vain and you will forever live a life of an unhappy person. You wouldn't want that would you? Neither would I.

Will it hurt to move forward? Definitely. But I think that's where we become our strongest.

Sometimes what we really need to do is to look in retrospect and realise that we have already made it THIS FAR in life. Never give up because you have no idea how many people there are who YOU HAVE MADE AN IMPACT ON and on behalf of all these people, thank you so much for being a great friend and for making an impression in my life.

"So what exactly am I getting at?", you might ask. Well the reason as to why I was even inclined to write this piece in the first place really came from a sudden realisation of how our society is getting increasingly cold to one another. We seldom express our gratitude and love for each other in our everyday lives because society sees it as a "taboo". We have stopped spurring one another on towards the finish line and so I want to take the first step in being a difference. I want you (the person who is reading this) to know that you are wonderful and that you should keep going in life because there are still many that have yet to be blessed by you.

Always remember this quote from Dr Suess whenever you're down: "Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." No one can live life the way you do because each one of us are unique, fashioned by the very hands of God Himself. You are special not only in the eyes of men but also in the eyes of your very Creator.

The troubles that come our way can be seen in two ways: Burdens or Lessons. Which point of view we take determines our eventual outlook of our life's journey, and our next step.

We can decide to stop our lives now and give up, BUT BEFORE YOU MAKE THAT DECISION, I sincerely urge you to look out into the open world. There's still SO MUCH MORE YOU HAVE LEFT TO DO and CAN DO in this World, there's still many more people that has yet to be touched by your presence in their lives before you pass the baton to another young one.

Take some time to sit down, reflect and resolve within you, and realise that you should never "give up" because the people who have decided to make a change in their lives by putting their foot down to say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH". People who have also made the decision to keep moving forward, these are the people who are usually those who make it in life. See for yourself the leaders who are now responsible for most of our technological advancements in the world. 

So just plug in that earphone of yours and journey onwards. You'll notice how depressing music will, slowly but surely, start to become a figment of your past as joyous music starts to replace it and fill your ears with the wonders of the world while you approach the finish line, because you have run the marathon, and you have run it well. 

We can do this... together (:

With lots and lots of love,
Irwin Zephyr Tan (Zeph) 

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