Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dear #NRAFamily

Dear #NRAFamily

Hello you!

Yes I know I have not blogged in like... forever! BUT having said that, I guess I really should. It's things like this that I will eventually look back and laugh at as an old man (hopefully minus the crazy unkempt beard, #justsaying).

Anyways, this short post will be dedicated to the week that has just passed so here goes nothing. (:

Okay so this whole week has been REALLY REALLY crazy, full of it's ups and downs, and not to forget, accompanied by lots and lots of sweat. Nonetheless, I am writing this post to encapsulate all my thoughts that I have gathered within just the past week spent with all of you, my NRA friends.

Thank you everyone for the whole of past week, which was pretty much dedicated to getting to know all of you better through camp and DANZATION Auditions 2012. Thank you for all the smiles and laughter that we had during camp and despite the fierce competition between us as individual groups, we still grew and bonded with one another because of one very evident and burning passion in which we all share: Dance. 

It was such an eyeopener to see all of us being able to enjoy one another's company and warming up to each other on the very first day of camp already. In fact, it was quite awesome to see how people we have never met before suddenly begin conversations with one another like they've been friends forever. 

I think what I really enjoyed from the past week was how the highlight of every single thing we did, revolved around one family. For example, when people had forgotten or missed their steps during the auditions , you could hear from all the various sectors of the hall, things like: "Jiayou!" "You can do it!" "Freestyle!" "Don't give up!" and I know this because it happened to me.  Because I screwed up big time too, on the choreo section but you know what, it was all fine because despite screwing up, I had all of you cheering for me. Heck I even had Nicole (might I add she was really sick that day) to come out and hug me telling me it was fine and because of that, I felt loved. I swear I did. 

It's something about NRA that is different. It's just like how even though you've spilled your milk, there's no need to cry cause you know others will always be there to share whatever milk they have with you. So thank you, every single one of you, for all your support and your love that is freely given and shared between us. <3 

In addition, I originally had my doubts of coming to camp and even going for auditions because of the fact that I have LOADS OF WORK PENDING, OMG which reminds me that I really ought to get back to it now but I guess i'll probably have regretted if I had chosen not to write this post. Anyways, to continue, it was only after camp and the auditions that I realised that everything was all time well spent. (: So thank you for sharing with me, someone who is relatively new and highly inexperienced in dancing, all of your passion and all of your encouragement, making my own burning fire that I have for dance hit a whole new level. 

I am very happy to now be able to proclaim that I am officially part of the #NRAFamily. (':

With love, 
Zeph. (or ever so recently dubbed by your guys as the "EH! SUNDAY MORNING AH! SUNDAY MORNING!" Guy) 


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