Saturday, 19 May 2012

Facebook Posts Now: Food For Thought.

Something on Facebook has been troubling me lately in which I feel others ought to pay a little more attention to. 

You know those pictures circling around the social networks with really meaningful captions on them? The ones that tell of elaborate stories, and paints us a big picture which all of us, as readers, can relate to? When we look In all honesty, those posts are great. They encapsulate good moral values and at times, even remind us about who we truly are and pull us back to earth. 

What I absolutely CANNOT understand is this..

Why is it that the people who have been posting this pictures constantly write in the comment sections "1 like = 1 (something)" or "Subscribe to (whoever) to get 1500 friends.. Seriously? Has humanity really lost itself within the longing desires of the limelight? Craving for fame and recognition, so much so that we make use of others disabilities and misfortunes to try and carve our way to popularity. It's disgusting that we try so hard to build up our charisma, by ripping pictures off the net, and to share it on Facebook with the sole purpose of GAINING LIKES.

Have we ever wondered why the creators of these posts do such things? Do you really, for one moment, think that it's for the moral values their readers can actually learn from the pictures? Or is the truth that is underlying all that jazz, just to get a small glimpse of what it is like to be in the limelight. I'm not saying that trying for fame is wrong. It isn't. We all desire a little bit of recognition. However, the problem lies in the process.. It hurts me to see that people are doing such things just to be "well-known". Really? Making use of others misfortunes? REALLY? That's just pathetic, sick and lowly.

We, as human beings, always love to complain that we don't this world lack compassion but I guess the in order for us to cross that obstacle or not being able to receive compassion, is that, "Are we able to love others even if no one sees us doing it? Even if we don't receive recognition? And even if we don't get anything at all back in return?" The only posts that I don't have problems with, are personal sharings - those that come truly from the heart.. sadly we seldom see those kinds of posts anymore..

In retrospect, when these kinds of posts first started appearing up on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Many of them had honest and genuine intentions of sharing it. Sadly, I don't think the same can be said for the posts we see now..

I hope that in future, before we click that share button or like button, let us truly consider the subliminal implications within us -  "why do we want do it?". I am no saint in this matter, and that's why this post is mostly directed to me as a frequent Internet user and a young media practitioner of the media world. 

Certainly food for thought.
Irwin Zephyr (Zeph)

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