Saturday, 7 April 2012


i escape into the sound sound sound
spin it like a merry go round
-Tanner Patrick-

It's been a while since i've sat down to pen the very few thoughts that i have up in my cloudy head. The past few days has been really... hectic. Not to mention stressful and physically and mentally exhausting. As many of you might know, i'm acting in an Internet Drama Series for Health Promotion Board and that means having to act from 9 - 5 everyday (most of the time) and it can horribly tiring because retakes happen for every single scene and the amount of retakes can hit a total of 10+ even 20+ per scene. Golly.. just thinking about it gives me the shudders.. 

In any case, as tiring as it is, i'm really thankful that I have many awesome people on set with me:
JD. Aidil. YiLin. Evelyn. Rajid. (:
You guys make shooting way more fun. Can't imagine acting without you guys :O

Anyway today is Good Friday! So I just want to dedicate a short portion of today's post as a timely reminder for myself and of worship to the most High King. (: Thank you dear God for sending your Son down to take the penalty of our sin in which we so rightfully deserve to receive. But because of your abundant love and grace, you chose to show us mercy by sending Christ down to Earth as an atonement for our sin against you. Dear Lord, I am still lacking in many areas and I struggle Lord to be a good Christian but I pray that you will remind me and help me not to be a hypocrite about my faith I say I have for you. Therefore, I may be blameless, and that others might see your love through me in my speech as well as what I do. Dear Lord thank you for your love that you continually lavish upon your followers. Such love unfathomable. Truly I am lucky to be chosen as one of your servants. It is my continual prayer that as the days go by, my life will continually a growth and change in my spiritual life that is pleasing in your eyes. 

Amen. (: 

Have a good long weekend!
<3 Zeph.

this weird nostalgic feeling. its different.. more genuine. 
could it be? i dont know, but all i know is..
you make me really really happy (:

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