Saturday, 21 April 2012

pathetic joy.

broken and uninterested

I don't even feel like blogging cause this feels pathetic that I'm coming to you (my blog) to seek refuge and to tell you good news that I wished my friends even cared about and who could share that joy with me...

So I decided to quit frisbee... I can't commit to a team sport cause my life is changing as I get busier and struggle with other personal problems. I'm hoping to become more task-oriente but I guess it's good that i'm opening up to other things as well. 

Today started like crap... I woke up at 6 FOR NOTHING. I realised my class that was written in the timetable had a fineprint under the classname which showed that class is only next term. So that sucked...  I had to wait till 1 from 8 (5 hours waiting time) for my next class. What a waste of time and effort of waking up cause i only slept from 2hr30mins last night. Repercussions taking its toll on me at this very moment.. I can feel it.

Apart from lessons, i also went to school to go through 3 auditions: NPAmbs, RadioHeatwave, NRA. I'm glad I had friends who were in school to support me cause I don't know who else would without all of you. 

Anyway this is an update about what happened for all the auditions.

First audition of the day: NPAMBASS
By far one of the most interesting interviews. I had to tell my interviewers who i was but interviewing MYSELF. Thanks Esther and ZongHeung for acting like havent met me before HAHAHA! Kidding but really, it made me more serious about everything. More than that, I had to rate myself and stuff like that and explain a lot about who I am. I even had to go outside and sing for Esther outside of the room for the other people who were queuing up awaiting their names to be called out. Weird only. Haha.

Second audition of the day: Radio Heatwave
My favourite audition of the day. I got my radio swag on and went all out as my joyous and happy me! I had to read the entire dialogue of the Genie in Aladdin when he just came out of the lamp. It was really fun! It eventually ended up with me acting that i have tickets to give away and how i was going to tell people about it. I do hope I get called up. (:

Last audition of the day: NRA (New Revolving Age: NgeeAnn's HipHop Group) 
Had to learn and perform 4 eights of choreography which was quite challenging and also 2 eights of freestyle. It was tough but i endeavoured and results are out already..

I'm an official member of NRA now. 

I know I should be happy but it's just that I knew the results about 3 hours ago and yet I havent been able to share my joy to people and friends cause the success of my auditions are probably the least of their concerns.

To bed then..

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