Wednesday, 11 April 2012

"andddddddd... it's a wrap, guys!"

"andddddddd... it's a wrap, guys!"

Probably the happiest and saddest moment of the entire shoot. It's finally the end of the ever long journey of shooting with all my friends. With just one acting season, I have received love from so many people on set. It's different.. Sometimes a little crazy but acting has made this holiday, I can safely say, the most memorable one yet.

Instead of being a lazy bum at home or going out to work in the F&B line like many others, I got the chance to act. I'm still really shocked and in awe that I got such an awesome part in this whole series. I'm thankful for the many hours spent by the production team, art department, wardrobe and basically everyone for putting in so much effort in this production. Truly without such professionalism, this production would not have been finished.

Long story short, despite tomorrow being the photoshoot (hence the last day), today was more or less the official end of SHOOT. It has been memorable... special and something i'll hold ever so dearly to my heart. Thank you for those who have also helped me along the way on set and also those outside of this production who has been supporting me. Just wanna give a big shout out to all of you and lotsa love peeps. (:

Gotta catch up on sleep now, mates.

hope you've been fine

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