Monday, 9 April 2012

Hunger Games with Hungry People.

worth the wait <3

Happy Easter world! (: So today was great! Woke up for church and played for worship as well as performed an item with my family (minus mom) to commemorate the resurrection of Christ Jesus, on the third day when he rose after His death on the cross. (:

So after church service, I waited for the princess to wake up from her sleep and because she takes forever to get ready, I left Bishan to meet her under her block (I was still 20mins early when I arrived okay!) Just kidding <3 Don't get mad. HAHAHA.

Left her place and eventually decided to head down to Lido for the movie but when we reached, the tix were sold out so we walked down to Cineleisure and decided the 5.30 slot would be best. (: Having decided and bought the tix, we were out of Cine in a jiffy to get some food. Originally we thought of Macs cause of the 1-for-1 promotion but the place was way too crowded. So Amanda brought me down to EwF (Everything With Fries). Food was GREAT and a little too much cause I didn't have the appetite for dinner even after a 2hours plus show.

After the meal, we made our way back to cine to watch the movie. It was great (: [Amanda's voice input: "Told you so!"] LOL. And not to mention, this is actually her second time watching the movie so it was really sweet for her to say that she would come with me (if not I would've to watch it alone)

Nothing much happened after that other than meeting her friend and then heading back home. Alright! I haz to go. She's about to knock off soon (FOR THE FIRST TIME).

Lots of love.
Zeph. <3

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