Monday, 19 March 2012

Lazy Sunday.


Today's basically the most boring of all the days of the entire week. I slept pree late the night before, hence rendering me unable to wake up for church on time. Geez. Shall not happen again! Well nothing much really happened I guess. Went over to Elmo's place in the afternoon for a while. It was raining like mad I tell ya! It was like Singapore had been keeping all this excess rain somewhere up in the skies before releasing everything down as once. Mad cold. Brrr.. So I left earlier today to come home for an awesome family dinner (minus Dad, who is overseas). We had chilli crab yow!

Oh and I gave Marissa a new middle name cause she gave me a nickname and I didnt want to settle in calling her something unoriginal. So henceforth, she is known as Marissa Mae Zaylee. Zaylee was the name I gave to her! (: 'Z' names are cool #justsaying. So Zaylee basically means Flower. How fitting right? Well that's about it for today hopefully i'll something more to blog tomorrow.

<3 Zeph

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