Sunday, 18 March 2012

Holiday Woes/Wows?

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It's 18th March as I type this post and that basically means that I have only about less than a month before school starts again. ): Bummer innit? I wish school wouldn't be so boring or competitive, at times, really. Gosh... really takes the fun out of learning. In any case, the holidays have been awesome so far! Despite the fact that i've been getting fatter and more lazy by the second, so many awesome things have happened thus far.

First and foremost, my covers (:
During the holidays (up till now), i've had the time to just sit down to write and compose my very first original, which garnered a lot of support from Singaporeans! It was such an awesome experience cause none of my videos have actually hit a 1000 views before! For those who have yet to see it, it's down here.

Silly Love Song (Story of Boy Meets Girl)

More than that, I finally did a collaboration with a really awesome Singaporean YouTuber: Marissa Ng, just a two days back! Her voice is just FAB! (: We did a cover of The A Team. It was a pity that her voice was heard so little throughout the cover. So as compensation, we shall do another collab soon! Likewise, for those who have yet to see it, it's down here!

The A Team - Zeph and Marissa

If y'all wanna download the song, it's at the description box! 

So that's number ONE of awesomeness that has happened this holiday!


Second and just as happening (as the first):
During the holidays, I was looking desperately for a flexible job but alas, to no avail, I couldn't find the perfect job. Hence, I accepted the harsh reality that I was, yet again, going to be another fat boy this holiday when... along came Facebook! 

Don't get me wrong! I'm not working for Facebook! (Cause if I were, timeline would be the first to go.. #justsaying) Instead, Fendi posted an FB update that said...

So I went up to my parents sheepishly and asked them if I could go for the tryouts and they willingly obliged since it was, after all, going to be filmed only during the holidays and I could get awesome connections (hopefully) from this! (: Well long story short, I went through the first and second auditions and... I GOT THE ROLE OF THE MAIN CAST! (: Awesumm pawsumm! So next week, i'll be going for a workshop and by golly! I just remembered I have to get my measurements for my upper body done so that they can suit me up for the scenes (: 

Third: School-related things (:
Okay so this consists of two things: FMS (School of Film and Media Studies) related and Results related.

First! I got the role of a student leader and even better, I was posted into an awesome tribe of people called Celts (Short for Celtics) and damn are we a bunch of cool people. Thought of some cool cheers which we will totally use to dominate the Freshman Orientation Camp! AWWWYEA CAN'T WAIT!

Second and most satisfying.. My results (: I did really well and i'm glad that all the hardwork has paid off! I did better than last semester so everything feels worth it now! Praise the Lord (:

Ending Note
And that pretty much sums up my holidays! Boring at times but definitely filled with majorly cool things.   Be back with another post soon. (When i get off my lazy butt xD)

Love <3

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