Friday, 6 January 2012

Poly Life: In a nutshell

This is for the people who have already made a decision on choosing the poly route.

I can remember when I was in your shoes: Unsure where life would lead me. Unaware of what was in store for me in the future. I knew I wanted to get into a polytechnic but the problem I faced was, not alien to those reading it now, "Which poly is for me?"

Truth be told, I sincerely feel that whichever polytechnic that provides your course of choice, pick that one. However, allow me to share a bit of my life in NgeeAnn. In my time here, thus far, the one thing that has really struck me is both the lecturers and students here.

Most of my lecturers, would go out of their way to help students who are in need of help and students who are interested to learn. The awesome part about the lecturers is that you see them as lecturers in class, but friends outside. I have enjoyed my almost-close-to-a-year of polytechnic life classes because of them.

Now for the people who are closest to my heart... The students here, more like friends, are people that you will eventually come to love ever so much. Satisfaction guaranteed. For those who have been through RedCamp and have seen the Student Leaders together will understand the bond that we share. Truth be told, this bond isn't just seen between the Student Leaders, but also between students in your courses and in your CCAs. The people here are XTRAORDINARY and I am proud to say that my life has been very much awesome so far thanks to these people. Friends from primary school and friends from secondary school are no where near the friendships you will forge at NgeeAnn. Not because of any other reason but for the fact that these people will be the ones who will suffer with you and who will see you through 3 years of your next tertiary education where you are now treated as an adult.

I'm glad I picked NgeeAnn as my polytechnic. I'm not afraid to admit that.
And hopefully for those who will eventually come to NgeeAnn as well, will be able to share this truth with the generations to come.

NgeeAnn. Xtraordinary, indeed.

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