Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year + Reflections From 2011.

To you who is reading this right now, Happy New Year. Now before you go on and click the red button (mac) or the [x] button (windows), thinking that this is yet another regular New Year message, think again. This note is to share with all who is reading this, how you have impacted me one way or another this 2011. So i'm going to talk about a few things in particular, just three particular aspects of my life that have changed a great deal this year - Love life. Spiritual life. Love in general (from friends).

Allow me to start this note by talking about the start of 2011. 2011 started off shaky, I won't deny. I went through quite a bit of hardships in my love life, it was not easy at all, in fact, it was difficult. Going through a break up is never easy. However, it was in this time of struggle that I was led, by God's grace, to trust and to communicate more with a group of people that I have never really talked to during my secondary school life. These people are my family members. In my times of need, none of my friends that I knew back then, could give me good concrete advice or be there for me entirely, but my family were the ones who stuck close. They prayed with me and they talked to me every single day without fail. They knew what it was like and they knew that it was tearing me from inside, and so they continued to fill up that part of me that was now missing. To my parents and to my two older brothers, I love you. Thank you so much for always being there for me. I am thankful that God has given me such a wonderful family. A family that talks to one another, one that shares problems with one another and one that is always watching out for another. Thank you for helping me realise how much love I always had right in my life and thereby making me sufficient. 

The next aspect of my life that I will talk about is my spiritual life. This encompasses how I found the Lord in my life this year. Truth be told, if you knew me in Secondary school, most of my friends reactions to my confession as a Christian went a bit like this... "SURE NOT?!" "LIE ONE LA!" "SERIOUS AH?!" 
I was never the best Christian back then, in fact, back then, I doubt I was even a Christian. However, during the long holidays after O'Levels, I went through a life changing experience. I went through this thing known as Project Serve where I served like a full time Christian missionary, where the pay wasn’t good but the reward I received from it was both life changing and amazing. So I want to thank my family once again, for persuading me to join this job, even though I was resistant to it in the first place, and also my Project Serve mates. All of you, even till today, have been keeping me in check when it comes to my Christian faith. Thank you for being good examples to me and for sharing a big part of 2011 with me. I thank you for the life lessons learnt throughout the entire Project Serve. I am confident in saying that now, even though I still struggle, I am someone who is trying to walk the talk, someone who tries to walk in the ways of the light. I thank God for all of you who have persevered on with me in the walk of faith and are still persevering.

Finally, last but not least, love. 
Love is abstract, am I right? So let me specify this a little more. Love as in the form of, acceptance and forgiveness from friends. This paragraph is meant for friends whom I have met this year, as well as, friends whom have continually stayed in my life. This year, as I have said earlier, was a difficult year. When I entered polytechnic, into a course and school that many who study there are stereotyped to be both, for lack of a better word, b**chy and people who constantly delve into politics, I was a bit afraid at the start. Feeling unsure of how to present myself and how to "fit in". However, when I got into poly, I am thankful for all my friends who have made me feel special, one way or another. Thank you. I want to thank all my fellow course mates, FSV mates, DVFX mates, APR mates and NgeeAnn mates. The list of names is endless cause all of you have been so friendly to me.

I forgot to mention that I am also thankful to the RedCamp8 SLs and campers who have helped me see that love was able to help an entire camp function. Function not as divided tribes, but as one RedCamp. It was really heartening see how so many people could express love to one another so freely. (:

Having been through RedCamp once, I am really looking forward to another year, with yet again you awesome people. Thank you fellow SLs for teaching me how to lead and for the memories that I will so dearly cherish and keep. Love all of you SLs and campers  ♥

To be specific to the people who have made a big impression in my life. I want to thank God for these people... My group mates: PohHian, Jerome, Sheryl and Kelly, 4 great people, who guided me into becoming a better man today. Thank you for the love you have shown to me, for loving me by telling me my mistakes and for giving me chances again and again. Thanks to my best buddy, Fendi Yasuda, for being someone whom I know I can trust ever so much to be there for me in times of struggle. For Naomi as well as Natasha for being the sweetest girls ever, to study with me and to accompany me and talk to me about my problems. For KPG, for being people who made my FMS life take off and to become ever so awesome and for making me feel popular around you guys

Finally, I want to thank God for 2011, for placing each and everyone of you in my life. For seeing me through a difficult year and for giving me so many obstacles in my life just to make me stronger. I pray for 2012 to be similar to this year. Let us break the trend of saying that the past was lousy and hopefully the next year would be better, because if we really sit down to reflect, we can see how fortunate we are and how great the year has been. Life will never get any better than this if we choose to look at life as a half empty glass. We need to start looking at life as half-filled glass. 

With love and lots and lots of love.
Irwin. Zeph. Whatever you call me. (:
Thank you so much for molding me and making such a big impression in my life. 
2011 has been awesome thanks to all of you.

PS: I Love You.

Here's a smile to all of you for making 2011 awesome <3

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