Sunday, 29 May 2011

you've got that smile that only heaven can make.

Was acting today for Fendi's film. It was really tiring cause we were under the Sun for a pretty long while but it's okay. Fendi is really really good though he doesn't know it/believe it (: He ought to, he is, after all, my half jap half malay boyfriend HAHAHAHA.

Yeah well so, things been pretty okay. Minor bumps here and there but hey! This is life (: Nevertheless, i'm glad i have my pals with me. Im glad i have my church mates, my course mates, my school mates, my frisbee mates and of course GOD (: I'm glad that I haven't forgotten all the lessons i've learnt throughout my holiday. God has been continually been there for me and He constantly puts people in my life to love and treasure (:

So dear Lord, please continue to be a light of your word.
Well, school has been pretty okay lately. I mean apart from the fact that im constantly tired and under pressure, not wanting to be last at anything hahas. Okay, relax dude (: take a chill pill yeah.
Kay i gtg! Church tmr yo (:


"Girl, did anyone tell you?
You're amazing.
And in my eyes,
you stand out among the crowd,
like a flower in an enchanted forest."

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