Saturday, 16 July 2011

Youre the harmony to my melody.. or at least i thought you were.

Well how do I say this? Maybe im still too young to fully understand what a healthy relationship is and I have no idea how to start one off yet. I had someone in mind to built this healthy relationship with but after a while It seems that… it ain’t working the way I expected it to turn out. During the holidays I was thinking of giving up all hope but I decided ill keep running till I reach the goal that was to be right where you were, right beside you.

I wanted to be the one who would approach you when you had any problems, the person who would understand every bit of you and the person that would truly love you not because of who you are on the outside but who you are on the inside. However, I guess, its not just the right time you know. Maybe you aren’t the person that God has set in my life. Sure, we must have many things in common and the things you love, I love too. But its alright, if im not the one youre looking for then its okay. Cause, at least I know youre happy right where you are now. As painful as it might be to let you slip away, it would help the friendship we have built up thus far. Nevertheless no words can explain how truly glad I am to have met someone like you and because of you I have a better picture of how I want my future girlfriend to be like.

I remember my definition of love that I still keep close to my heart is relatable to music, my second love. Love is defined as two kinds of songs that sound somewhat similar but when put together produces the most beautiful song that can ever be imagined. It involved two kinds of songs: Harmony and Melody.  You were perhaps the first girl that ever sang a song that went well with mine. Haha.
Maybe its all for the better but I guess though it hurts now, even though it shouldn’t since nothing even started in the first place, ill still move on.

<3 Zeph

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