Monday, 12 December 2011

it will be just like you were never gone

"when life tells you to stop, but you just keep going"

Today was a really boring day. There wasn't any school so I basically sat at home and did nothing productive whatsoever. Or did I? I don't consider finishing my diary assignment "productive". I could have finished my radio assignment 3 ideas and maybe my phonetics journal. Hmm... procrastinating as usual. GOSH! It's 10:19 already? Sheesh. I've really been whiling away my time.

Basically my day started off at 11ish. I didn't do much cept' downloading both of The Scripts album and the Ed Sheeran album. I've been stuck on a few songs lately by The Script and that's probably the reason as to why I wanted their albums so badly. In fact one of the songs is being played right now (if you didnt pause it) on my blog. I really hate the songs by The Script. It's not because they're bad.. far off from that in fact. It's because... how do I say this without sounding oxymoronic... 

Well basically, their lyrics of love are always right and it's awesome but I hate how their songs relate so well to me, so much so that they invoke emotions and memories that are nostalgic. These feelings are well... wonderful yet painful to remember. Why am I being such a emotional douche. However, that isn't the reason why I love their songs so much. The real reason lies in how with just one song, I know there are million out there feeling the same way. I feel alone when listening to their songs yet connected to the millions of people making me feel understood. This post is starting to get slightly melodramatic. Haha.. Blame the meds.

Talking about meds, I have finally seen the doctor and I am getting better, though i'm still coughing like a retard. The doc gave me antibiotics cause i've been down with this sickness for about 3weeks now. Hopefully i'll be well by Friday so that I can enjoy my holiday to HongKong. (:

So apart from listening to the very nice yet depressing soundtracks of The Script, I also managed to set things out straight for my blog. Yes, I know it looks pretty damn dope now. <3 Have you clicked the red arrow at the top right of the screen yet? Hahas that's where the profile is. Cool stuff right? Yes, I know. xD


Okay! New thing added to my To-Do List: Watch MIB3.

Hahas where was I? Oh yes! Well it's close to 11 now and I really should be getting to my work. Hopefully i'll be concentrating and not slacking off. I really need to get back my old motivation for this semester. Let's do this. For honour and glory; 4.0.

Love, peace & whatever's in between.
- Zeph - 

Love is why we do it, love is worth the pain.
Love is why we fall down and get back up again.

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