Monday, 31 October 2011

You're living under a rock..

the times we met by the tree. our tree of memories.

Hmm.. I haven't been blogging much, in fact it's been ages since I last used this site.
Okay so where am I now with my life?

It's currently October and in a few days, it's transiting to November. So as many of you know, the holidays just ended and i'm already two weeks into my second semester. Time sure flies especially when you're in polytechnic. I was just thinking how short 24hours is.
Well from the two weeks in my second semester, I feel that there is a need for me to really step up on my independence level. Unlike my first semester, semester 2 is purely based on how much you push yourself. The semester is easy but attaining the grades can be quite a hassle. So I guess I just got to maintain my previous working attitude.

Got a few things on my mind now. Apart from the fact that i'm thoroughly irritated by people who constantly post screamer videos. You know the one that appears to be okay and then suddenly a scary picture followed with a loud scream comes out? Yeah, those videos. Seriously, if you have lowered your standards of humour that far, remind me again why we're friends? I don't remember making friends with people who have lousy standards of humour. Forget it. It's not about how I can't take a joke, but has it occured to you how the world now views you? Besides that, you have no decency to apologise after that cheap prank. You like pranks? I like pranks too. Let's see whose bag will be filled with confetti. Dunce..

Alright,  in relation to scariness, yesterday I was down at Stage52's Halloween Scarefest 2011. It was great, really. Kudos to y'all for putting in so much effort to make is such a huge success. Although I know many of you had to endure being recognised during the tour, I still think the tour was pretty damn creepy. Easily summarised by the popular tagline in Halloween shows: Spooktacular.
So for today, I didn't really do much. I woke up 12. (Life is good) Then had lunch at home before meeting the usual gang: Elmo, KaHeng, DingKang, HongYang. Had dinner with them over at KFC and met EnQi at Macs studying for her Olevels. Sheesh has it occured to you how fast time flies!? It's already a year since I last sat for my O'levels.

As of now, i'm home and blogging. Just got off a conversation with Lulu (XinYi). We had a pretty fruitful chat and i'm glad we started talking in the first place. Certainly something for me to think about. Thanks for the advice!

I'd better be off to bed soon. Church in a few hours.
<3 all of you guys!

finally able to give a 'quality' blogpost.

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