Wednesday, 5 October 2011


sometimes we wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

okay this sucks so badly. hahas this week thus far has been a pessimistic week.

My first day of rest, as in the ability to do anything i want. That doesn't sound so bad but considering the fact that you wanted to spend your day with your friends and stuff and they are working, makes it suck. So i spent the whole day watching YouTube vids and watching shows till i got groggy so i took a nap (my first in about a year). Woke up and continued with the YouTube vids till i felt sleepy. Then i saw weird bumps on my middle finger and realised that they looked really disgusting like little blisters. So I assumed it must have been an allergic reaction to the dirt in the grass or some insect bite from the Botanic Gardens outing with Red Camp SLs. Damn...
Boring? Check. Sucky? Check.

Moving On.

Went for training and spent my whole day at training till about 5ish. The sides of my boots tore... ): Made my way down to Elmo's place to unpack six boosters of Innistrad Pack. Didnt get one mythic rare. Sucks... Went home and realised that the weird bumps had spread to my elbow and around my palm. My palm has one or two bumps but that still sucks. Told my brothers and they said i ought to see the doc about it. Gee. What a day.

okay i admit. today wasnt half as bad (: i woke up and went to see the doc. He told me it was a type of eczema and that it was probably an allergic reaction either to an insect bite or the grass. (told cha so) so he gave me a tube of combiderm to apply twice daily. i hope this stupid bumps will go away soon. its not fun ): So i went to school after that to help in Red Camp Teaser 2! :D i shan't talk much about it cause it's a surprise HAHA. Alrighty. I came home after the acting/dancing? (hinthint) and researched more on my allergic condition. To be a geek, its called dyshidrotic eczema. It's actually many little blisters, itchy blisters and i shouldnt scratch it or it will spread or even worse, become chronic. Damn. Please please please. I pray this episode won't last for a long time. I'm quite worried actually ): But it's okay (: i can always look upon the Lord for comfort and peace ^^

SOOOOOOO. All in all, maybe it was a boring week, but oh wells (: anyway i better get my boots fixed asap if i wanna turn up for training. Gee... hahas 

Random thought but i suddenly miss my secondary and primary school companion named:  小
may your legacy continue in the compos of those illiterate in the language of Mandarin.


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