Friday, 19 August 2011

It's a Chickenburger & Fishburger Affair.

Well i'm starting one a blog because i realise that this is the best way to:

a) Rant about my life and not caring what people actually think (and)
b) To let those who really matter in my life, know what's up and down.

So right now, my first semester's pretty much about to end (except my last MEDSOC paper on Monday) and well i learnt a lot from my first semester but one thing that struck me the most in my first sem is the fact that there are many people i have met that are really too damn self centered for their own damn good. Then again, the irony is that when i say that, I myself am showing that I too am self centered. Catch the drift?

In any case, i really feel that the past first semester of my life can be the closest description i've ever had to the term hell itself. It's not the fact that you put your sleep on the line or the fact that the workload is immensely heavy, but the fact that sometimes people do not value your work. Yes, that itself is like hell. Why? Because if you were to put yourself in my shoes, you wouldn't see the reason as to why you are slogging so damn hard for others. Now, it is also true to say that you are working for yourself but that isn't the only reason you work for right? What i'm saying is that, respect your friends because they slog their butt off to do well for their own good as well as for yours. Point established.

Maybe i'm the only one who actually feels this way, but from what i gathered, everyone prefers working as individuals but along with the company of friends who are doing the exact same thing. As compared to doing the same thing WITH others. I hate to admit it but the only reason as to why i am saying all these is because often times i feel that people don't notice how hard youre trying? Im not saying that im perfect, yes i do have my flaws and sometimes working with me can be difficult. Point accepted. But never should you, EVER, put yourself on a pedestal over your friends and feel that youre all high and mighty. The moment you do that, you make the others around you want to destroy you so as to humble you.  So please, if you do treasure friendship, respect your friends. You wont know how much you need them till you find yourself in a mess. And btw, helping someone with your words and trying to destroy/break/hurt them are different in it's entirety (dont try to hide your true intentions behind weak excuses).

End of Chapter 1 of my first year in Mass Communication..

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