Monday, 23 May 2011

sulking at the moon.

No it dont and it will never.. ever..

So i dont know why but recently everythings starting to come back to haunt me. Where i turn, i see you again. I want to move on but i'm afraid that i'll never have anyone. I dont want to be alone forever. I dont want to be hurt anymore. I dont want to hurt anyone anymore. It's crazy cause im never really ready for anything. Ever since i got into poly life, i feel really left out especially when i see couples together. Im just crazy. I dont want to come off as DESPERATE but im just reinstating the original point of how it sucks to be alone. What happens if i really stay alone like forever. However, whatever it is, i remain strong and take every day as a continuos journey i take alongside with God to give me that perfect person no matter how long it take and how painful, lonely or sad it may bo. No matter how ill always be forever haunted.


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