Saturday, 5 March 2011

We are the sons and the daughters, almighty God is our Father :D


Heylow :D
oh man project serve has been VERY BUSY OKAY XD 
HAHAHA yah we've been busy with Mission Trip prep.
im glad that i have finally gotten time since 18 Feb to like blog bout LIFE XD

hmm so things has been really busy. ive been really tired.
but strangely, its been wonderful cause it really caused me to trust and have faith in God.
it also helped to test myself to be a GOD FOLLOWER
super difficult but its God has been merciful and that He has been continuing to work in my life.
challenging me everyday to lead a Godly life and challenging me to love my Brothers and Sisters in Christ more.

there has been so many things happening concurrently, 
that you just cant stop to rest but one thing that keeps me 24/7 on my toes is 
knowing that everything im doing, is for the sake of the gospel 
and all i want to do is to really work hard so that one day when i reach heaven and 
be reunited with Christ, 
He will say,  "well done, good and faithful servant".
just the thought of it is so... so wonderful and awesome (:
it makes everything that i do in my life, which is difficult and that is meant for Christ, worthwhile.

The whole mission trip preparation has been really difficult cause ive been in charge of quite a few things. and our work and performance was always being judged and there was just a point in time whereby i just wanted to throw everything off my shoulders and not care bout it. But God spoke to me during our devotion between the brothers. About Paul and his ministry. You know Paul went through so much hardship and suffering for the sake of the call and just to get the audience of Julius Caesar and the people in Rome and eventually die. All these just for Jesus Christ.

But we learned something very important which is salvation is given through grace and that suffering is also part of salvation to the gospel. Im glad i can suffer for the gospel. even though this sounds sadistic but really at the end of time, i really wanna be in heaven , face to face with Jesus Christ and Him saying "well done, good and faithful servant" 

i guess all of the mission trip prep has been crazy and stuff
but im glad that God has been graceful to me and allowing me to actually be a part of His mission.
I want to continue praying that God will continue to help me love others (:

i want to be a God Follower (:

His master said to him, 
‘Well done, good and faithful servant. 
You have been faithful over a little;
I will set you over much. 
Enter into the joy of your master.’
-Matthew 25:23-

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