Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The End Times.

People killin' People dyin'
Where is the LOVE?

As we all know about the current situation in Japan, we know that this epidemic situation is total madness. With all these disasters, with all these chaos, with all the loss of lives, with all the hurting, im sure its only normal for one to ask, "What's wrong with this world." Well the answer is simply the sheer existence of this disgusting thing know as sin. Allow me to clarify, it is MAN'S SIN that has caused all these problems. The end of times is coming although we will never know the exact timing. It will happen when the whole world is least expecting it to happen, for in the bible, it is said that the end of times will come like a thief.

I don't know, i'm not trying to sound valiant or whatsoever by saying that somehow, this end times thing doesn't really frighten me as much as other people would be frightened of it. Why? Well thats because, at the end of times, Christ will come again. He will come back to rule, to judge and condemn first but after that, for those who trust in Him, we will be able to live in a new heaven and a new earth with Him. I long for that day.. Cause' everyday it hurts to see every headline in the news about: Rape, Murder, Divorces, Natural disasters, War, etc… You know where i'm getting at…  Well i guess thats why newspapers are always black and white cause it's not something that should be celebrated. If we look at the ratio of bad news to good news, we will see that the difference between bad news to good news has certainly been constantly increasing throughout the years. Doesn't it catch our attention when we see how the world is DYING? How SIN has been causing all of these pains? Have we accepted it into our society and call it to be O-K-A-Y? To be nothing but a NORM?

To tell you the truth, i'm not afraid of the end of the time but i'm afraid for those who will not be able to see the king at the end of times. We seriously can't deny that Jesus Christ was a big fat lie. You ask for facts and yet when they are presented in front of you, you turn your face away.. ): we know the end is coming, don't we want to be able to live together with our God, the creator of the world? Believe in the man known as Christ, the man who died for His people? He changed my life and He has the power to change those who accept Him.

My constant prayer for myself and the many Christians out there is to know God more intimately. It doesn't do any justice if you call yourself a Christian and yet you don't live out like one. If you understand Christ sacrifice and love for you, it wouldn't be a chore for us to live out God's word because everything will be worth it. So i pray that God will continue to remind us of His Son's love for His people. I pray as well that Christians will also learn how to share the gospel because this gospel is one that has the power to save and change people and to know who God is. My prayer for those who have yet to believe God, will one day believe in Him.

He is the Everlasting God! He is the defender of the weak! He comforts those in need and He will lift us on wings like eagles ((:

Praise be to God (: For He helps the weak say that they are strong and the poor say that they are rich because of what the Lord has done for us when Christ died on the cross and paid off our debt to sin (:

I long for the day i will see Christ face to face.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. (:


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