Monday, 7 February 2011

God is God and I am Man.

Because Dear Lord.
You make everything clear for me again.

Wow todays project serve was really really tiring. 
hahas started off the day with preaching from my Godpa on Deutronomy (:
so it was talking bout how God is so evident! He even talked to people (yes conversation okay) with the Israelites on Mount. Sinai! thats like so cool. :D
i seriously envy the Israelites sometimes xD
they always get the cool things!
Hear God's voice, see how God had delivered them from Egypt, waves that were super high just beside them as they walked through the Red Sea and God holding them up so that they could escape, how God directed them to the Promised Land and even allowed them to see Manna fall from the sky okay!!!
youve got to be kidding me if you say that that's so not cool! i mean like seriously! so much opportunities but the Israelites still remained adamant in trusting God and instead turned away to idols that they carved with their very own hands. 
Its sad.

You know i stopped to ponder from God's very own point of view.
and this illustration came to mind.
I thought of how if my laptop had the ability to 'disobey' me. 
I press spacebar, it becomes delete. I press the letter 'a' it produces the letter 'z'. 
You cant blame me for being angry! 
And in just the very same way for God! 
He is angry! BUT! 
Because of God's loving and righteous character, 
He sent His only son Jesus Christ down into the world to act as the sheep 
and to be sacrificed for the sake of our sins.
I dont know bout you, but i feel extremely grateful and thankful to the Lord. 
For He really loves me and the world. 
However, imagine if my laptop had a decision whether or not to destroy the virus thats causing all the problems even after i have provided it with the latest Norton Anti-virus programme..
If the laptop decides to be cleaned off of the virus, Good! then i can use it again for my own purpose and be happy with it. 
But if it decides not to accept the programme then isnt that very sad? 
I would still be angry. However, you see, the difference is that, in reality, the laptop doesnt have a choice, we do. We can make a decision to accept God's forgiveness of our sins through the acceptance of His son Jesus Christ. 
its sad isnt it that the creator is being treated this way by His creation.
Constant Rejection..
However, i will continue to pray that till the time Jesus Christ comes back again as ruler of the world, others around me will be able to accept this good news that i have.

this brings me back to the theme of project serve:
One News To Give, One Life To Live.

So i have promised myself to continue telling others about the gospel.
Even though i might be hated and persecuted and ridiculed.
All i am assured of is that i am doing right in the eyes of God and that i am doing this for the people around me because i truly love them.

So have you accepted this God as your Lord and Saviour?
He will never fail you (:
Irwin Zephyr Tan. (:

Dear Lord i would like to pray for:

- That you will give me continued joy in learning bout your word.
- Help me to continue trusting in you even when things are hard
- To constantly grow in your word.

- For my brother Isaac: That you will heal his sore eye.
- That you take care of all of us in our daily work.

- For the PArts members: That we continue to be diligent and most importantly constant reminder of how what we are doing, we are doing for you Lord.
- For Chris: His dad's condition.

- The upcoming vday event will run smoothly and that for the friends that all the different ministries have invited and that you open their hearts to be receptive about your word, Lord.

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